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A hotel as a place of power that sets standards in sustainability and wellness culture

The Appenzeller Huus is a complex of two existing houses and five newly built houses with hotel rooms, condominiums, holiday flats and serviced flats. Hospitality has a long tradition here: the Gasthaus Bären was built around 1601 and is thus the oldest building in Gonten. Guests have been entertained and housed there for centuries. In 2015, the building was extensively renovated. In this house, cordiality meets comfort and down-to-earthness meets exclusivity. Here, hosts are passionate about hosting and ensure a family atmosphere - so that every visit is an unforgettable experience.

Traditional dress, modern use

Beneath the traditional dress of the Appenzeller Huus, however, lies an ultra-modern core. A sophisticated sustainability concept, a 2200 square metre wellness landscape, a well thought-out culinary offer and state-of-the-art, barrier-free rooms bear witness to the fusion of tradition and craftsmanship with modernity and set new standards in the wellness community. Here, Appenzell hospitality and down-to-earthness meet luxury and comfort at the highest level.

Discover our three houses that belong to the Appenzeller Huus here.

Geniessen Hotel Bären Gonten Appenzell

This is where hospitality meets pleasure.

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Culinary flights of fancy ...

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... Immerse yourself in the world of wine...

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... Relaxation for the soul ...

Zimmer traditionell

... and cosy retreats for private moments in historic rooms ...

Löwen Suite

... and new rooms.

Huus Bären 3*

The traditional hotel in Gonten is the heart of the Appenzeller Huus. It consists of a historical part and a modern extension. 22 beautifully furnished rooms and suites and a gourmet restaurant with excellent regional cuisine ensure a holiday atmosphere and relaxation from the very first moment. The largest wine cellar in eastern Switzerland, which is being built between Huus Bären and Huus Quell, will make wine lovers' hearts beat faster. The "Bären" has a small but exquisite wellness area in the cosy attic.

To the Huus Bären
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Huus Löwen 4*

Traditional craftsmanship combined with sustainable, modern elements create a unique, homely ambience at Huus Löwen. Guests enjoy the view of the Alpstein and the Säntis on the exceptional rooftop spa while the down-to-earth sounds of a "Stobede" mingle with the splashing of the hot tub in the background.

There are 24 lovingly furnished rooms available at the Huus Löwen. Guests can enjoy the traditional Appenzell speciality restaurant on the ground floor, the cultural programme in the event hall or the lounge with views of the Alpstein and local textiles by Jakob Schläpfer.

To the Löwen House

Huus Quell 5*

A stay at the new Huus Quell is more than a time-out: it is the beginning of a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Here, relaxation does not just begin in the 2200 square metre wellness area, which sets new standards, but can be experienced at every corner and goes beyond Huus Quell. The interior of the hotel radiates peace and security. The green spaces invite you to slow down and pause. And those who like to be physically active can have their own sports programme put together from outdoor and indoor fitness offers.

The elegant lobby and the serviced lounge area on the ground floor provide a relaxed ambience with their dignified furnishings. The terraces with access to the idyllic garden perfectly connect the interior spaces with the landscape. An inspiring atmosphere that is also suitable for conferences, seminars or co-working. The technological infrastructure of the conference and office rooms is among the most modern in Switzerland.

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Living in the Appenzeller Huus

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